3 Essential Dating Tips For Men

September 14th, 2015 | By Trelawney Kerigan
3 Essential Dating Tips For Men

It’s a minefield out there for single men and women sometimes, and if you’re worried that you’re striking out too often just check out our blog post of the three most essential dating tips for men to maximise your chances of success with the fairer sex.

Number 1: Manners

Good manners always go a long way, especially in the early days when you’re trying to impress but don’t want to look like you’re going overboard. Keep it simple – open the door for her, take her hand to help her out of a taxi, pull out her chair if you’re going for dinner, offer to take her coat. Nothing big or extreme, but enough to let her know you’re a gentleman who’s been brought up properly.

Number 2: Self-confidence

Remember that everyone is always nervous on a first date – even her! – but you can make yourself instantly seem more attractive if you act self-confident. Come up with some topics of conversation you’re very familiar with and can discuss easily, and make sure you chat about similar interests to keep the conversation flowing.

Number 3: Look good

Getting ready for a first date is an essential, not because you want her to fancy you straight away but because you want her to know you care enough about meeting her to make a bit of an effort. Get a haircut, perhaps, or buy a few new clothes. Trim your nails, clean your teeth and get there a bit early so you’re not in a rush and don’t arrive fully flustered. This also means you’ve got enough time to head to the bathroom to smooth out any crumples.