How to make the most of Singles Events

September 11th, 2015 | By Trelawney Kerigan
How to make the most of Singles Events

Whether you are newly single or been single for a while, going out alone can be one of the most difficult things you do. There will be days that you go out and feel wonderful and others where it will feel like an enormous chore. Having run Singles events for over 20 years our CEO has some top tips to ensure you get the most from your experience. Here are some top tips to get you prepared to go out alone:

  1. Make sure you know that the types of people who are going to be at the event are the sort of people who you will have something in common with. Contact the organisers and have a brief chat beforehand. Believe me they should be more than happy to put you at ease if they know the people they have are of the right quality for you.
  2. Always ask what the mix is, as you don’t want to be going to an event that doesn’t have a good ratio of Men and Women.
  3. Give yourself time to prepare before you go out. Don’t rush straight from work if you can help it, or at least find somewhere to freshen up and spend the time looking your best. After all if you feel you look good it will give you so much more confidence when walking into the venue.
  4. Ensure you know where you are going and how you are getting there and back safely so you have nothing to worry about.
  5. Arrive on time, as arriving earlier on gives you an opportunity to speak to the organisers and helps you see the people who are arriving first. It can sometimes be difficult to talk to established groups, so when you arrive early you don’t have this problem. Usually we find lots of men arrive early and are waiting for the ladies, so it would be nice to see more ladies arriving early and keen to mingle as I know those few ladies that do arrive early tend to speak to more men!
  6. Be prepared, and I am not talking about the Scouts moto but personally. Have everything you need for the evening and feel organised. So many times we see men and women feeling flustered because they forgot something or have to rush out to make a call they forget to make earlier. Ensure you can switch off from work and home life and just focus on you and having a lovely evening.

It is worth noting that those who come alone end up talking to more people as they don’t feel they have to stick with the friend or friends they came with. So there are many more benefits to going to singles events alone than you may realise. Men find it easier to approach a Woman who is standing alone, rather than a group of ladies. Ladies will usually feel for a man all alone and invite him into the conversation. So you can see there are some benefits of standing alone for a few minutes and waiting to see who will come and rescue you! At Elect Club, our team of professional Dating Coaches and Matchmakers will always work the room at an event to ensure everyone is talking to the right people and we always go away with a list of dates to arrange for at least three quarters of the room!