What are The Tinder Odds? 67,825 Swipes = 3 Dates!

December 1st, 2022 | By Trelawney

Reddit recently revealed interesting statistics in relation to Tinder's male demographic. A fairly typical twenty-eight-year-old man had swiped 67,825 times over six years and eighty days, resulting in three dates and NO long-term relationships.

The male user received 737 'likes' and 287 'chats' during his time on Tinder. The fact that he was far more successful 'virtually' than in-person demonstrates the lack of genuine intimacy found on dating apps. Whilst the 'likes' and 'chats' are likely to have provided him with a temporary 'hit' of excitement, this would have been quickly replaced by feelings of dissatisfaction and isolation. However, this is an addictive trap many dating app users fall into.

The Value of Meeting In-Person

When we imagine finding long-term happiness with another person, few of us dream of sitting alone behind a computer screen feverishly sharing cliches and mundane details of our day. Yet, for many, this is what modern dating looks like.

The longer singles stay on dating apps, the harder genuine human connection becomes. And - in a world where people imagine themselves to be so much more attractive and interesting when hiding behind fake profiles - showing our real selves can feel incredibly daunting.

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