Top 5 First Date Ideas

September 22nd, 2015 | By Trelawney Kerigan
Top 5 First Date Ideas

So you’ve signed up with an elite dating service in London and you’ve met someone you think is perfect and you’d like to whisk them away for a first date. But what to do? You want to impress but not look like you’re trying too hard, a balance that can be tricky to strike. Here are five ideas for first dates you might like to try.

1: The aquarium

The last time you went to an aquarium, you may well have been in school… but they really do make great first date ideas. You can make your way around at your own pace as you take in all the amazing sights and you’ll definitely get some great selfie opportunities so keep your smartphones at the ready.

2: Brunch

The foodie scene in the UK is huge right now and wherever you are there are sure to be brilliant places to go to eat. Dinner’s quite formal for a first date though so why don’t you keep it fresh and head out for brunch? We love The Breakfast Club in Soho but get there early as there’s always a massive queue.

3: Walking tour

For something a little different, why not look up a walking tour in your city and go exploring together? It doesn’t have to be a long route but it gives you something to focus on if you’re worried conversation may dry up. Finish off with a few drinks at a local bar. The cat trail in York would be a great choice!

4: Crazy golf

Have a look in your area to see if there’s any crazy or miniature golf on offer. This is great fun and you don’t have to be good at sports to enjoy it. For a low-pressure date that’s guaranteed to impress, this has to be it.

5: Dance lessons

If you’re feeling energetic, what about signing up for a swing dance lesson? You might both be terrible or you might surprise yourselves. What is guaranteed is how much fun you’ll have.