Online Dating – How Well Does It Work Anyway?

December 6th, 2021 | By Mike

Photo by Hannah Wei on Unsplash

Most telephone calls that we receive here at Elect Club, start off with the statement “I have tried online dating, but it’s not for me...”, for a plethora of reasons, the main ones being:

  1. I’ve been scammed
  2. I am finding huge numbers of fake profiles online
  3. I can’t find anyone genuine
  4. I’ve had my heart broken on so many occasions

To be honest the list is endless and it is so sad that a concept that came into the UK in the mid 1990’s and at one time was claimed to be ‘how people now meet’ is now something that clearly no longer works for many. This fact is backed up by the stats, that online dating was used by 27% of internet users at it’s peak but has fallen to just 15% today, according to – a decline of millions of users.

But how well did it work anyway? Research at the start at the Pandemic again on showed some of the problems in that 100% of female users were only targeting 27% of the men, with the other 73% of men largely not getting dates.

Obviously this works for the men in the 27% category – they are having the time of their lives and are ‘filling their boots’ by dating lovely ladies, sadly though because of their unbridled success they are not the ‘settling down’ types that ladies hope will be come their forever person and things usually therefore end with the female member being ‘ghosted’ after a few dates or a short lived fling and the man moving on to his next potential conquest. Meaning that female members quickly become disillusioned on online sites and dating apps and sadly leave after an average of 3-6 months to try another approach that may work more effectively or maybe don’t date at all for a while whilst they reassess their strategy.

This is of course where Elect Club can come in and assist, as we believe using our slower, more cautious and painstaking approach to matching people is a winning formula that can lead to a far higher success rate in the long run.

Get in touch to find out what our memberships can do for you!

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Without a doubt, our highly personal approach, is very labour intensive and therefore more expensive than an online site or dating app, as we provide the opportunity for members to work with their very own Executive Matchmaker in Lucy Hart over their choice of membership lengths, which range from 6 months to 2 years. We also provide access to our CEO Trelawney Kerrigan at our Essence, Lifestyle and Opulence membership levels, to prepare you for your membership and to get you in the right frame of mind to truly capitalise on the memberships that we provide.

Would you like to know more and why Elect Club is one of the most renown Personal Matchmaking brands in the UK? We’d be happy to get our Membership Adviser, Jenny Fraser to call you without any obligation whatsoever. Without a doubt working with Elect Club is a necessary investment in your future to try to find that ‘forever person’ and achieve a wonderful match that this time WILL stand the test of time.