How To Get A Second Date

October 13th, 2015 | By Trelawney Kerigan
How To Get A Second Date

Looking for dating tips for men? Then you’ve come to the right place! Now, it can be quite easy getting a first date… after all, the lucky lady in question doesn’t know you, she wants to give you a chance. But getting that second date can be much harder, because she’ll have spent a bit of time with you and will know whether she likes you enough for that or not. Here’s how to maximise your chances of seeing her again.

Be nice

Women are observant and will be able to get the mark of your character quite quickly, so make sure that you’re nice not just to her but to everyone you encounter on your first date. Tip generously, hold doors open, smile, be friendly, don’t be rude… it’s not exactly rocket science but it will work wonders.

Pay the bill

Going Dutch is for when you’ve been going out for months. On your first date, you should do your best to pay the tab. Chances are, she won’t let you pay for it all but you should at least try to pay the bill. When it comes, reach for it immediately and don’t let her see it. Suggest that she buys you an after-dinner drink if she’s keen to pay her share.

Try your luck a little

Don’t be pushy but at least try to give her a kiss at the end of the night – unless the date has gone disastrously, that is. This will show her you’re interested and increase your chances of seeing her again.