Second Date Tips - 3 Top Tips For A Great Second Date

We all manage first dates relatively well, politely getting to know someone and if we have played our cards right a second date should come in quick succession.  This is really the crunch time and will ensure if you will or will not see each other again, so no pressure on anyone really!  If you follow these top second date tips you really can’t go far wrong.


Here are some key pointers to having a successful second date which will leave them wanting more…


Elect Club's Top Second Date Tips

1. Being Relaxed is key

No one wants to date someone who is stressed and worried about how they look or what they are saying or not saying. You need to be yourself and not over think things too much about what you are doing right or wrong. Be natural and don’t try to be something or somebody you are not. Your date likes you for being you and wants to get to know you better. One of your top second date tips is to prepare yourself well before the date. Ensure you arrive in plenty of time and are dressed according to what you will be doing on your date. If you are going straight from work, make sure you get changed and have a fresh look and feel comfortable and look your best. Make sure your phone is switched off or on silent and try not to look at it when you are with your date.

2. Location, Location, Location, venue, venue, venue

Location and venue is key to a 2nd date.  You really don’t want to be sat in a very smart restaurant making small talk, sat miles away from your date, being very polite and wondering which cutlery you should be using. Choose a location and venue that is fun and not too noisy so you can hear each other. Try to do something different and light hearted together so you can see what each other is like when you let your hair down. 

Our members at Elect Club have been on some great dates including, cocktail making, wine tasting, and walks in lovely locations with a drink en-route, to name but a few.  If food is needed try having a brunch or an afternoon tea, as that is less formal and you can have fun trying something different, even a hot drink and sharing a cake is very romantic! Bowling is a great way to engage and be a bit a big kid at any age. 

We have had a number of our members go to cookery classes together for a second date and also if you are in London or a big town try doing something different. There are some great ideas on Red Letter Days or Virgin Experience days. In the summer months roof top bars are good and try to work out where all the landmarks are around you. One of our key second date tips - just ensure you both know exactly where you are meeting and at what time and don’t be late!


3. Communication

Communication is key to anything in life and it couldn’t be more important when dating.  Communicating before the date and building a foundation of trust, fun and comfort so you know more about your date is essential. You should be talking regularly on the phone too, don’t just text or send messages on apps. It is not a good idea to bombard your date with your life story and don’t talk too much about you or your work and whatever you do, don’t try to sell yourself. Remember to ask questions and be interested in the answers, if you are not and it’s not flowing naturally then it is unlikely you will be having future dates. 

Don’t try too hard, the communication should be easy, light and fun. One thing that lots of people complain about is being inundated with work questions, making it feel more like an interview than a date. Ensure you are on a date and there is natural flirting and fun in your communication. At the end of the date make sure you talk about “what next” nothing too heavy, but agree to see each other again if you both get on and make sure you get another date in quick succession. 

Lots of people fail after the second date as they leave too long a gap before they see each other again. Try to meet up within a few days if you can and take it in turns to find nice dates or agree the next date together. If you don’t feel you could bear to spend another moment in their company, politely say that you have had a lovely time but you don’t feel you are right together and you want them to meet someone who they would get on better with. If you are unsure, it’s worth seeing your date one more time and see if there is any tiny spark that can be worked on. At the end of the day we are not expecting fireworks, but you should be interested and curious to want to know more about them. 

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