By Invitation Only

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Qualification Standard

We represent high calibre and professional individuals. Our Matchmakers will work with you to determine your compatibility with our services.

Becoming a Database Member

We have a membership of attractive and successful clients who are all looking to meet that 'special someone'. There is no charge to be included in our 'Little Black Book' however, we will not actively seek matches on your behalf. You can join as a Full-Service Matchmaking Client where we proactively engage in your quest to find love.


All our members consent to our background checks, they are also interviewed, ID checked and verified. We ask that members comply with our code of conduct.

How Do I Become a By Invitation Only Member?

When it comes to finding the perfect match for our clients, there is no limit upon the scope of our search. Our team of professional head-hunters are experts in identifying high calibre, successful and attractive individuals to join our exclusive dating platform. An invitation to join us via a complimentary membership means we believe you may have the qualities one or more of our elite paying clients are looking for.

So, What's the Catch?

There isn't one!

We are a modern matchmaking agency in the business of finding love for highly eligible single men and women. Head-hunting isn't about finding as many potential matches as possible, it's about finding the right match. If we feel you possess the attributes we are seeking, our friendly team will effortlessly guide you through the process of becoming a By Invitation Only member.

Once you have passed our screening checks, a professional profile will be created for you. This profile will not appear online or in any public domain, unless by prior agreement. When a member of our Matchmaking Team feels you match the preferences of one of our elite paying clients, we will be in touch to arrange an introduction.

Join Us!

By becoming part of an exclusive dating agency, you are maximising your chances of meeting your dream partner. All our members are genuinely single and looking for loving and dynamic relationships.

We are excited to find out more about you!

Become an Invitation Only Member

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