What's a good dating profile?

May 20th, 2014 | By Elect Club
What's a good dating profile?

In light of the media today and talk of the best way to write your dating profiles; yes we agree that positivity is key!

At elect club personal introductions we are pleased to say we are the one's taking away your profile burden and writing about you in the utter most positive light. Established for 8 years and with a team of highly intuitive matchmakers and personal introductions consultants we meet every single client and potential client and put together a professionally screened and written profile all about you and of course the matches we introduce you to.

Putting together a well-rounded profile that captures your personality and the reader is needless to say better left to the experts. This is because banter, sarcastic comments or even a glint of negativity can be taken the wrong way and can leave your perfect match possibly confused or put off.

As part of package and parcel of having a personal London Matchmaker at elect club, Dating Expert and Matchmaking team behind you every step of the way; we also know what's best when it comes to shining some positive light and giving third party opinions about you that you may not have thought to tell people about. We not only match you with someone like-minded, professional and single in London you will be able to read all about them and pick out those commonalities that will be real conversation starters when it gets to that first date.

Words like passionate, pro-active, physically fit, ambitious and full of life really lift off the page whatever the weather when it comes to attraction. However, on the other side of the coin people often undersell themselves and being left to their own devices writing their profile may write things like- crazy, whacky, funky, cool and those obvious try too hard adjectives. we pick out our clients best assets and being NLP trained understand the best way to put that across to your ideal suitor. We do that for you at elect club matchmaking and dating agency in London.

If you feel that you are a busy professional looking to build a relationship with a potential life-long partner then why not get in touch with us at [email protected] we understand that professional singles in London can often be time-poor and not willing to date just anyone, they want to meet the right one to build a relationship with and more often than not a family with.

Meet with an elect club consultant, join the right pool of diverse singles and hit the ground running dating. Elect club matchmaking and personal introductions agency london