Ready for Some Summer Self -Lovin'?

April 23rd, 2021 | By Elect Club

Why treating yourself well is the key to healthy relationships

Self-love should never be confused with arrogance or selfishness. Being kind to yourself is the best thing you can do for everyone around you. Simply put, being good to ourselves makes us calmer, healthier, more emotionally in tune with our loved ones and most importantly, infinitely happier!

You can probably think back to a time when you let yourself run on empty. Chances are your relationships suffered, your goals were not reached and life felt exhausting.

All it takes is a change of mind to alter the way you treat yourself. The easiest way to describe self-love is acting as though you are your own best friend. Plan wonderful things to do for yourself, pamper yourself, take time to buy and prepare the food you love. You'll be surprised how quickly resentments towards others fade when you are giving yourself a great time!

As dating experts, we encourage single men and women to fall in love with themselves again. There is nothing so attractive as a confident and content person who radiates warmth and understanding.