Joining An Introduction Agency London - What's Involved?

October 16th, 2013 | By Elect Club
Joining An Introduction Agency London - What's Involved?

Introduction agencies, as the name suggests, introduce people who they think would make potential partners to other people in search of partners. The key to this game is discretion. At our agency, we don’t advertise pictures of our clients on a website for the whole world to see. Instead, we simply add your name and details to our private members book. Furthermore, before we choose to invite any person to be our client, we interview them, ask them about what they would expect in a partner and we also verify their details so our clients can rest assured it is all checked before dating. During the interview, we usually ask questions like ‘are you keen on having children’, ‘where would you see yourself in a few years’, and so on because people who approach our clients are almost always looking for serious, long term relationships which will result in two people being together with similar end goals in life.

Our database of clients consists only of highly eligible single people. Once a client is accepted, we will pre-select possible dates for you. Keep in mind, in the personal introductions business there is more of a financial investment then in online dating because you know the partner you will be introduced to is serious and has made the same emotional investment as you have. When joining elect club, as any professional introduction agency, you will be allocated a personal matchmaker who will act as a friend, support and personal ‘hitch’ to get you dating matches on the same wave-length as you with similar interests and who are just as like-minded.

Due to the massive social changes faced in every community over the last few decades, meeting new people is no longer done in the way that it used to be done. We are well aware of this fact and we also know that you, as our clients, are relying on us to find you a life partner. For this reason, we highly value your privacy, respect your dealbreakers and try our very best to find you an Mr or miss Right!