Develop Your Social Skills with Tips From Our Dating Experts

February 23rd, 2024 | By Mike

How to Develop Your Social Skills and Avoid Feeling a Sense of Disconnect

In 1983 a study was done in the US to find out how many friends and family members a person would trust with a personal secret. The most common answer at the time was three. Twenty-five years later, researchers ran the same study and asked the same question. Disturbingly, the most common answer was zero. Feeling a sense of real connection has never been so challenging. At Elect Club, we’re an elite dating agency who understand that our members are successful men and women with rewarding lives who deserve to feel a deep connection with a trusted partner. Here we discuss how to develop your social skills and avoid feeling a sense of disconnect.

Learn How to Listen

Building open communication and trust begins with active listening. We can all sense when someone is waiting to speak rather than listening to us. It is an uncomfortable feeling. Active listening allows us to build rapport and create a meaningful connection with another person.

Develop Empathy

When we are able to show real empathy for another person, we are able to cultivate deeper relationships. Displaying genuine understanding and concern shows the other person that we see and hear them.

Work on Social Awareness

Be mindful of your behaviour and communication style in various situations. For example, pay attention to diverse perspectives and cultural differences. By displaying social awareness, you will be able to navigate many different social settings with ease.

Use Empowering Body Language

Your body language tells another person so much about your energy. Stand tall with good posture and radiate confidence as you move throughout life. By displaying confidence, we allow others to feel safe and comfortable.


By using the above strategies, you will cultivate stronger relationships and enhance your social skills. Remember, mastering the art of connection is not about changing yourself, it is about improving the way you interact with others.

Our team of expert matchmakers at Elect Club would love to speak to you about how we can help you find real connections. Whether you’re looking for matchmaking in London, or matchmaking elsewhere, we’re a professional dating agency with your best interests at heart, ready to make a difference.