Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck : True Love or Nostalgic Re-bound?

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck : True Love or Nostalgic Re-bound?

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Cheating Scandals & Broken Hearts

Jennifer Lopez moves from one serious relationship to the next, often with fast engagements and marriages. Despite being one of the world's most desirable women, she's had her fair share of humiliations. Jennifer's coping strategy seems to be to numb the pain by jumping into a new relationship.

In this podcast we ask - 'Does Jennifer have any idea what it feels like to be Just 'Jen'?

Has the woman who once revealed that she is 'always surrounded by people so you’re never lonely but it’s very lonely' married on the re-bound from former fiancé A Rod? Or is this a love story to inspire us all?

Why We Go Back

According to a study from in 2016, 54% of Brits who have been through a breakup reunite with their ex within five years. A separate US study from 2013 showed similar figures, with 50% of people surveyed claiming they had rekindled the flame with a former lover.

Elect Club CEO, Sarah James, and Dating Coach, Trelawney, discuss why people reunite with an ex and whether we believe Jennifer and Ben are playing for keeps this time. While one of our dating experts had a heart full of hope, the other is treading more cautiously. Listen to find out why.

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