Surrey has always been of great importance to Elect Club as it was in Surrey that we first began running dinner parties for executive singles more than 20 years ago and it remains strategically important today. These days most members are from Greater London and the Home Counties and but are still offering high end personal and professional introductions in Surrey and have enjoyed many successes over the years.

How Surrey Dating Agency Works

Almost every new member that has joined us seems to have tried online dating but has not enjoyed it or worse still has had a bad experience or become despondent and disillusioned by it. Most people are aware that there are literally more than 1 million fake profiles (as reported by the BBC’s Panorama), that online dating fraud is now running at more than £100,000,000 per annum if social media sites are included and that online dating related crime is one of the fastest growing crime categories in the UK. So in recent times people have flocked back to us to meet people face to face and away from the dangers of the internet.

It is reassuring for many that we interview everyone personally and carefully vet them before they are allowed to join, checking out their residency, solvency and for any involvement in fraud or financial crime.

About Our Personal and Professionals Introductions

We get to know everybody really thoroughly too, through one of the most in depth dating questionnaires in the industry and always face to face too, so that we know you as well as we possibly can, but also the type of partner you would really like to meet.

Get in touch to find out what our memberships can do for you!

One of our membership advisers will get in touch with you to go through your options.

The next step is to design for you a professional dating profile that shows you at your very best and on higher value memberships offer you a professional photo shoot with Hey Saturdays! As your photographs can really make a tremendous difference to your success in finding that excellent quality partner.

Your matchmaking period will then begin, its not time sensitive with Elect Club and is based on the number of recommendations that are provided, so you can take your time and enjoy every one of them, knowing that you don’t have to rush.