The Elect Club dating service was first formed in London, way back in 2005 and for around 2 decades now we have brought dating services plus sophisticated singles events to the people of Greater London and the Home Counties.

The dating scene in London has gradually changed however and we have seen working patterns in the capital change over that time. More and more people now work from home for at least part of the week and over the last decade or so, record numbers of workers now commute into the capital to their office once or twice a week and on occasions even less frequently.

Trains from the midlands have a typical journey time of around an hour or just a little over that (90 minutes from Tamworth, 74 minutes from Birmingham International, 57 minutes from Rugby, 105 minutes from Wolverhampton). So, we have gradually extended our services, into the commuter belt across the midlands counties and Staffordshire is one of the most popular locations of all.

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality partner in Staffordshire or across the midlands, we are proud to say that Elect Club can help and that our brand of personal matchmaking is now on your doorstep in Staffordshire and the West Midlands, working from our convenient midland's office in Stratford upon Avon District.

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How our Staffordshire Dating Agency Works

We are proud to say that working with a personal matchmaker is going to be vastly different to trying to find someone on your own on an online dating site or smartphone dating app. Our matchmakers are experienced, and all have graduated from our matchmaking academy, meeting the exacting standards of the Dating Agency Association.

In recent years more and more people have become weary of superficially swiping left or right on a smartphone app to try to meet others and also are disillusioned with the results they are able to obtain online. For that reason, they have been flocking back to the more traditional, face-to-face, services of a personal matchmaker and that is why Elect Club, has gradually spread its wings to offer dating services right across the south and have now pushed north into the Midlands, bringing London experience and expertise to Staffordshire and the other midlands counties, right across the West Midlands.

About our Personal and Professional Introductions

Our service is comprehensive and thorough, every client§§§ that we offer membership too, is personally interviewed and very carefully vetted prior to joining. During the lifetime of someone’s membership our matchmakers will get to know our client base incredibly well, often forming a really close bond with them and becoming totally invested in obtaining a positive result for that person.

We tend to attract people from a professional, academic, medical or business background and are happy that our higher costs of membership has allowed us to build a database of much higher quality members than you would typically find on an online dating website or smartphone app.

If meeting people from the right sort of background appeals, then we’d be pleased to talk you through our membership options and how they all work and without any sort of obligation or compulsion to join – only you can decide that.

Get in touch, call us on 0800 644 4120 to find out what our memberships can do for you

With Elect Club your first point of contact will usually be with one of our friendly Membership Advisers. We have a team of 9, who handle all of our initial enquiries from the internet or telephone – referrals would normally go to our Matchmakers to be dealt with.

The strategy of our membership advisers will always be to provide just enough information to enable you to decide whether or not you feel that the Elect Club service could be just what you are looking for, there is never any pressure for you to join or heavy selling tactics. We are happy to become friends who will keep in touch until the time is right for you to move forward.

So, why not make that call and find out for yourself why Elect Club has such a strong reputation all around the UK but especially in the West Midlands and Staffordshire? We’d love to hear from you for a no obligation, low key chat, so please ring us or send in an enquiry today.