The Elect Club dating service was first formed as long ago as 2005, initially in Covent Garden, Central London, it was an upmarket service for people from a professional or business background looking to date and find a partner, targeting people living or working in London and providing a sophisticated personal matchmaking service, dating coaching and superb quality dating events.

In recent times however working in the capital has changed and increasingly more and more people have been working from home and commuting into London, typically once or twice a week and on occasions less frequently.

This has created an opportunity for Elect Club to spread our wings somewhat and widen our target market to provide a national coverage and we have gradually built one of the largest databases of quality singles anywhere in the country, where each has been personally interviewed and then carefully vetted.

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How our Northumberland Dating Agency Works

Our service is completely different to what many people expect, there is nothing online or through a smartphone app, but it is built around our team of personal matchmakers, who work on a face-to-face basis, with each member. Firstly, to get to know them really well and then to provide matches of other compatible singles who we feel could be right for you. So, working with your matchmaker is the key to success and has been a winning formula now for many years, allowing us to create many successful and happy partnerships over 2 decades.

Safety is another critical consideration and is why we interview and then carefully check out every new member. We are also members of the Dating Agency Association and abide by their stringent code of practice with regards to our standards and how we operate. We are proud to have been able to bring our quality dating and personal matchmaking service to Northumberland.

About our Personal Matchmaking Service

Personal Matchmaking is not anything new, we were around long before online dating hit the UK, in the late 1990’s and is in fact older than the UK itself, with the first London Dating Agency (called a matrimonial agency in those days, having opened its doors 2 years before the union between the 4 home nations in 1707. So has stood the test of time, we believe because, face-to-face, traditional dating works.

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So, if you’d like to know more, then our team of friendly membership advisers are on hand to help and talk you through how we operate. So please do ring us to discuss things or complete our contact form and we’ll get back to you – there is never any obligation or compulsion to join. We are usually available from 9am until 9pm Monday to Friday, plus the weekends and many bank holidays. We’d love to hear from you.