Elect Club was founded 15 years ago with the aim of providing executive-calibre dating services to the people of London, the Home Counties and to those who commute to the capital for work or leisure. Today that remains our goal, having now extended our matchmaking into the London commuter belt and beyond, enabling us to offer an exceptional standard of service in the way of personal and professional introductions to singles within the county of Northamptonshire.

How Our Northants Dating Agency Works

Most people’s first question to us is, ‘What makes Elect Club different?’. The major difference between ourselves and an online service or dating app, is a profound one; a game changer for most people, in that we interview everyone personally and check their credentials very carefully: for residency, to ensure they are genuinely single, for any involvement with fraud or financial crime, and also their solvency.

We also insist on seeing photographic evidence of ID, so we know for sure that they are who they say they are, and are free and eligible to date within our exclusive membership database – that in total is now beyond 60,000.

Get In Touch to See What Our Memberships Can Do for You

One of our friendly Membership Advisers would be happy to talk through how we work and why you should join us with confidence. Also, because there is a fee involved to join, it keeps standards very high and minimises the possibility of people who are not on board for the right reasons. That’s why Elect Club is a recognised, professional dating agency that has stood the test of time, and achieved so much success over the years.

About Our Personal and Professional Introductions

If you feel that Elect Club is the matchmaking agency for you, then our onboarding team will carefully take you through our safeguarding procedures, and your matchmaking journey will begin. This is the fun part of your dating membership, whereby you’ll meet your carefully selected recommendations from our extensive database of professionals, all of whom have been vetted for you and carefully selected by your own personal matchmaker. There is not usually a time limit with an Elect Club membership, but more a number of recommendations for you to see as a minimum, so you can do that in a relaxed manner without any pressure. We feel this makes for a better and more enjoyable experience, and one that we hope leads you to finding your perfect match.