Elect Club was first founded in London back in 2005, as a personal matchmaking agency and upmarket events club, for the elite singles living and working in London and the Home Counties. We have had some terrific successes over the years, and we have grown to become one of London’s best known and most prestigious dating organisations.

Dating has changed an awful lot since we were formed 2 decades ago, online dating came and went and since 2012 there has been the opportunity to meet through smartphone apps but we know that both of these options via the internet are not for everyone and in recent years, singletons have flocked back to something more traditional and the slower paced, more meticulous, traditional service provided by Elect and other personal matchmaking companies.

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How our Leicestershire Dating Agency Works

Since the Covid pandemic, more and more people have worked from home rather than an office and that has given us the opportunity, to offer our exacting, prestigious, careful personal matchmaking service to locations further afield. Leicester is only an hour away by train and so we have been happy to extend our service and database to those counties where people commute from, and Leicestershire has now been included within our extensive database. So, we have been happy to bring our London based expertise to Leicestershire and beyond, bringing London based experience up to the Midlands.

About our Personal and Professional Introductions

Working with a personal matchmaker is vastly different to ‘DIY Dating’, alone at home, searching for someone that you feel might be right from you just from a photograph and online profile, or by swiping left or right on a smartphone dating app.

Working with a matchmaker, you can tune into their experience and expertise, tap into their knowledge of our client base and be absolutely certain that we have personally interviewed every member and then carefully vetted them to ensure they are 100% genuine, free from criminal convictions and completely solvent.

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If you’d like to know more then one of our friendly membership advisers would be pleased to handle your initial enquiry. They are usually available between 9am and 9pm most days, including weekends and some bank holidays. Their initial advice is always free and without obligation, they are just happy to talk you through our service, answer any questions you may have and our aim is always to put you in an informed position, so you can decide yourself whether or not the service that we offer might be what you’re looking for. So go on…make that call and let’s get you talking to a member of our team.