Our Elect Club agency was founded around 2 decades ago, way back in 2005, when it was felt that a sophisticated dating service for the single professionals of London was very much what was needed and sought after. With dating events and meticulous personal matchmaking at the heart of it.

Today the dating scene in London has evolved into something quite different. Working from home has become much more popular and prevalent and so we don’t just cater for singles living in London and the Home Counties, we have gradually expanded our coverage to include also the commuter belt and much of the rest of the country including Derbyshire and the surrounding area.

So, we are pleased to say that our experience and expertise of being one of the worlds most sophisticated dating services, is now available on a much wider basis.

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How our Derbyshire Dating Agency Works

Working with a service like that provided by Elect Club, is a far cry from you joining an online service or smartphone dating app, where predominantly you are quite isolated and alone, trawling through maybe thousands of profiles that you don’t know and that no one can vouch for.

With ourselves, our service is built around you working with your own personal matchmaker, who knows our client base really well, having interviewed and carefully vetted them all prior to them being offered a membership. During the time you are with us, which can be typically up to a year, your matchmaker and you will often develop a really close bond to help you define the sort of partner and type of relationship that you want, working closely together to gradually piece together the right partner for you.

It’s been a winning formula for us over many years and gradually we have expanded our database right across the UK, and we have become as successful in the midlands and north as we are in London.

About our Personal and Professional Introductions

Your initial enquiry will be handled by one of our friendly membership advisers, who will take the time to get to know you and to understand the type of partner that you would like to meet. We use Microsoft Teams quite extensively these days to get to know people really thoroughly through our comprehensive discovery questionnaire but if you prefer a face-to-face meeting that is something we can often accommodate also. Either way we will be happy to get to know you and to explain in detail how our service works and why we have been able to change so many lives with our successful matchmaking.

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If you like what we have described so far, and you are intrigued to know more then one of our friendly membership advisers would be pleased to handle your initial enquiry and talk you through how we work and why we believe it can help most people. The membership adviser team are usually available between 9am and 9pm most days, including weekends and some bank holidays.

We are happy to add that their initial advice is always free and without obligation, they are just happy to talk you through our service, answer any questions you may have and our aim is always to put you in an informed position, so you can decide yourself whether or not the service that we offer might be what you’re looking for.

So go on…make that call or complete our contact form and we will call you back. Let’s get you talking to a member of our team and learning more straight away.