Elect Club was first founded way back in 2005, as an elite and sophisticated dating service for the people of Greater London. We provided a range of high-quality dating events, plus a very personal and bespoke matchmaking service. Which at the time, when online dating was at the height of its powers, was a refreshing change and I would guess something of a surprise, at a time when the emphasis was very much on ‘diy dating’ and trawling through thousands of profiles, alone at home as you tried desperately to find a compatible match.

As the working patterns of people’s lives have changed however, then so have we and as fewer and fewer people now choose to commute into their office everyday, then the demand for a dating service such as that provided by Elect Club has grown enormously as meeting opportunities are often said to be few and far between.

We have therefore spread our wings and established ourselves around the country, including in the wonderful county of Durham. Growing the largest database of personally interviewed and carefully vetted people around the UK. As we have established ourselves.

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How our County Durham Dating Agency Works

It can be a complete shock that our service is not an online service or anything to do with a smartphone app at first. As they have very much dominated dating and trying to find a new partner in recent times.

Many people have been put off seeking partners via the internet because of the burgeoning crime rate, as online dating related crime is one of the fastest growing crime categories in the UK and most people obviously want to guard against being scammed or someone becoming violent on a date.

To help ensure that you are meeting the right calibre of potential partner, all of our client base has been personally interviewed by one of our membership advisers or usually a matchmaker. We then carefully check out our potential members to ensure that they are totally genuine, don’t have an existing partner at home, have not been involved in crime of any sort and are solvent. Prior to the service commencing and them being allowed to purchase a membership. .

About our Personal Matchmaking Service

Our service is built around each new member that we recruit working with one of our professional personal matchmakers, who will take the time to thoroughly get to know you during the lifetime of your membership, searching and suggesting matches for you from our database to try to obtain a positive outcome for you and that wonderful new partner that we all hope for. It is so much safer too, because of the stringent checks that we make. .

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We are happy to say that in recent years thousands of people have flocked back to traditional, face to face agencies such as Elect Club. Often because they want to buy in to the expertise of their matchmaker and to feel properly supported during their search for a partner, but also for safety reasons, rather than trusting to luck that they will meet the right calibre of partner online.

So, if you’d like to know more, then our team of friendly membership advisers are on hand to help and are happy to tel you how we operate. So please do ring us to discuss things or complete our contact form and we’ll get back to you – there is never any obligation or compulsion to join. We are usually available from 9am until 9pm Monday to Friday, plus the weekends and many bank holidays. We’d love to hear from you.