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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions about our matchmaking service.

We Are

A Dating Agency That Works

We work continually to ensure we maximise your chance of finding love. Below are some frequently asked questions that explain how we are different from other dating services and how we can help you.

What Is Matchmaking?

Many cultures and countries have matchmakers in their inner circle who are approached by families to ensure the right introductions are made.  In the UK and USA matchmakers are being employed by time poor professionals who are too busy to spend the many hours needed on the internet to meet a match. Matchmakers are also engaged when social circles are limited or post a break up to ensure the right introductions. Matchmaking in the UK has grown over the last 10 years and is the preferred route to finding love for many people who want to meet like-minded people. Matchmaking is now open to all professionals looking for love with packages to suit most budgets.

What Qualifications Do You Have As Matchmakers?

To run a dating agency that works you need the right training. All our Matchmakers at Elect Club are qualified through the Internationally renowned Matchmaking Institute.

Not all Matchmakers will take qualifications seriously and many set up business for the wrong reasons, usually because they are single and feel this is the best way to screen and find love for themselves.

We believe that the high level of qualifications our teams gain give comfort to our members knowing that they are working with professionals.

We are members of the Matchmaking Institute and the Matchmaking Alliance which are both Internationally recognised and the only two bodies that are independently run.

What’s The Difference Between Matchmaking & Online Dating?

The main differences are the confidential personal approach to help you meet the right person and higher success rate with Matchmaking. The time it takes to be introduced to someone that is hand-picked and right for you is far less when you are working with professional matchmakers. Typically matchmaking takes 6 months, however in recent years when members are date ready this has taken significantly less time and many have had success in the first month. Our focus on matchmaking ensures we are a dating agency that works for you.

Other differences are:

– You know everyone you meet will have been vetted and is who they say they are, as safety is paramount when meeting new people

– Each person you meet will be matched on the criteria agreed by you with your matchmaker

– There is no risk of meeting someone who doesn’t look like their photos as we ensure our members have up to date photos in their profiles and are represented accurately

– Each member has a personal matchmaker who is with them throughout their dating journey with Elect

– We offer a personalised and bespoke headhunting service

– We have an active database that increases weekly to ensure a high calibre of members

– Our Ambassadors work tirelessly to ensure the right people are introduced to Elect members

– Our commitment, professionalism and passion to ensure you meet someone special is unrivalled in the UK

What Type Of People Will You Introduce Me To?

Because no two people are the same we ensure we get to know you to create the right matches that will be compatible when it comes to lifestyle, values, beliefs and lifelong goals.

I Have No Single Friends, Can You Introduce Me To Like-Minded People?

Lots of people who come to us at Elect love the fact that we are a Private Dating Club, so you get to meet like-minded friends to meet outside of our events and socialise with. Many of our members who we have successfully matched still come to events to introduce friends as they love our events and club feel. It is this approach that makes Elect Club a dating agency that works.

Can You Find Me Someone Outside Of London?

We have members based all over the UK, the majority are based around the M25 as well as in major cities across the UK. We also attract International clients and work with other international Matchmakers to help make introductions.

Why Should We Use Elect Instead Of Another Agency?

Love is so personal and a personal, pro-active, bespoke service is what we are passionate about. We only work with members who we genuinely feel we can help. At the consultation process we ensure we get to know you and help you create the right expectations to realistically introduce you to “your new love”.

Choosing the right Matchmaker who will represent you well and fully understands your needs is essential and this is why we have face to face consultations with everyone who joins Elect Club.

At Elect we offer a discreet, professional, refreshingly honest, supportive and very caring, approach to ensuring you meet the right love for you. Our members always comment on the “club” feel and know that our events, seminars, coaching and bespoke matchmaking is taken very seriously by all members of our team. You are our number one priority and we work tirelessly to ensure you are introduced to someone who is just right for you to continue your journey with. We are with you throughout the process and have regular reviews with our members to ensure they are successful.

Elect brings together not only the Bespoke Matchmaking, but also boasts an unrivalled success rate in the UK.

We head hunt for our clients too.

Elect Club has exceptionally high standards, attracting high calibre members who are all serious about meeting the right person.

Elect Club hand picks its members to ensure everyone is date ready and supported in their journey to meet a match that is right for them.

We are a Private Club so our members meet lifelong friends through our events, if they choose to attend events.

As a member you have many avenues open to you to meet the right person, through personalised, bespoke matchmaking, events including our Secret Supper Club, Brunches, coaching and styling.

Our coaches are members of our team, they are not working for any other agency and therefore there is no conflict of interest. Ours is a dating agency that work and our team are 100% committed to you and your dating journey.

How Is My Personal Information Kept Safe?

Your privacy and our discretion is of paramount importance to us. We are Data Protection registered which means your personal information is safe with us and we only share your information with other members with your permission. We have an IT team that are constantly ensuring safety is maintained to the highest standard.

What Guarantees Do You Offer?

No one can guarantee that you will fall in love, as it is so personal, however with 24 years of experience, we will only ever invite members to join that we genuinely feel we can help. We can only guarantee a minimum number of matches, depending on the package you sign up for that will be discussed at the time of your consultation with your personal matchmaker. With regular reviews, we ensure we get to know you well and work in partnership with you until you are successfully matched.

What Happens To My Membership If I Start Dating Someone Or Need Some Time Out?

We simply put your membership on hold. We are totally flexible and know with busy work schedules and dating you sometimes need to put your membership on hold. The good thing with our memberships is they are not time limited and limited to the number of introductions per package.