Entrepreneur and businessman, Andrew joined Elect Club in November 2020.
A leading figure in the luxury brand world, Andrew brings a wealth of experience in customer care and business philosophy.

A business owner for over 30 years, Andrew has a vast knowledge of how to provide a high-end service that delivers results that clients desire. Lending his skills to Elect Club Andrew is leading the way in putting quality first and letting nothing get in the way of achievement. Success during the lifetime of a membership for every client is at the top of his agenda, and at the forefront of his thinking.

The UK dating industry was originally forged and then shaped by some outstanding entrepreneurs, people like Mary Oliver and Heather Jenner - who formed the Bond Street Bureaux in Mayfair in the 1930’s; John Patterson who launched Dateline, the world’s first computerised dating company in London in 1966; Heather Heber Percy and Mary Balfour who shaped traditional personal matchmaking in the 1980’s. Andrew follows these founders of dating and is determined to build on their ideas and legacies. He is committed to ensuring that traditional face-to-face personal matchmaking sets the standard for the future in our industry, not only as the most effective way of finding a partner of real quality, but also the safest too.

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