During World CoachinGenevieveg week the Elect Club team had a whirlwind- giving daily inspirational quotes  and advice via our facebook, twitter and various social media platforms and then it happened…the cherry on the cake! Our CEO Genevieve spoke with woman magazine about her very own holistic ways to nurture herself! We’re all huge fans of, let’s face it, the rather big fad of the 5:2 but Genevieve much prefers it when it’s not adapted to food but to her skin. Genevieve spoke to the monthly women’s mag about not only how liberating it can be to have a couple of days away from applying products to your skin but just how practical it can be too. We all want a few extra moments in our day to breathe and just be ourselves so how about taking a leaf out of Genevieve’s book and applying it to your make-up routine.