We have had many successful matches where there has been a significant gap in education, where the lady is more educated that the man when it comes to having a degree.  All our men at Elect Club are successful in business and in their own right but not necessarily from the same educational backgrounds.

We know in the USA this is even more of a problem as many ladies won’t date men who didn’t go to certain Universities which we hope will not become a trend here in the UK as it will significantly narrow the pool for ladies.  What is important is meeting a match who is on the same page and wants the same things in life.  A meeting of minds is important as well as having core values and beliefs in line with each other.

Women nowadays are closing the pool off to very eligible men and becoming far too picky when looking for love, which is causing problems for them and then desperation tends to kick in past a certain age which is a real shame.

Read the full article to see what other experts say about this trend hitting our cities across the UK. https://electclub.co.uk/?p=851