The year 2019 has been a really good one for Elect Club, with a strong performance being enjoyed across all aspects of what we do, with recruitment of new members a particular highlight and events also a great success, giving us our most successful financial year ever.

The London market for singles has again proved to be a happy hunting ground for Elect Club, with events proving to be a very popular but affordable way of meeting others and particularly the way to meet high quality, attractive partners potential partners.

Chief Executive Office, Genevieve Zawada is delighted with the strong performance and said” It has been a real delight to be the CEO of Elect Club this year. We have gone from strength to strength and had some exceptionally heartwarming matches creating new couples and lots of happy ever afters as well as some very special weddings.

There’s been a few highlights for me this year including some fabulous events in particular Halloween this year was a great success with over 120 guests joining in the spooky fun and lovely couples still sending me dating stories of new romances that were created from that one event. We are already sold out for our Christmas event on the back of this!

The team of matchmakers have made it a fun and rewarding year with great stories of couples that we put together and their dedication and energy never ceases to amaze me.
We are ending this year with more happy couples than most years and with more new members who are onboard, providing us with excitement and energy. I’m looking forward to transforming so many more lives moving into 2020.”

Genevieve continues: “Having Julie Lazarus join my team this year has been my personal biggest highlight, she is not only a true professional but an exceptionally lovely lady. I get so many messages of praise for Julie that I’m proud to work with her and her dedication to our members is second to none. Roll on 2020 with Julie and if you are fortunate enough to meet her I look forward to your feedback too! Next year is already fairing up to be incredible and more news will follow on that front…”

Mike Parker, the Managing Director of Elect’s parent company Dating Options Ltd added “As Genevieve has stated above, we have strengthened our sales operations in 2019, with one of our most successful Membership Advisers Julie Lazarus being added to the team – Julie has helped make it a very good year for Elect. Also the support from our Head Office has also been very strong, in terms of administration, marketing and technology, giving Genevieve our CEO, excellent backing and the sort of platform needed to be successful within our industry. 2019 and has seen Elect Club become one of our most successful brands of all. Running high quality events is a great way of getting the Elect Club message out there in London and has allowed us to compete with the very best in and around London, whilst at the same time keeping our prices as keen as possible.”

Mike added “We have a real asset in Genevieve Zawada, who is one of the best known Personal Matchmakers in Europe and we have created a scenario where Genevieve can utilise her great skills in this area. With people coming forward in droves to utilise Genevieve’s outstanding abilities in terms of getting people ‘date ready’ and in a situation where their membership can be a real success. We have access to some of the most successful, eligible and attractive people in London on our database. All of whom have been personally interviewed and carefully vetted – we find that is a huge selling point and what people want.”

As a consequence 2020 promises much for Elect Club and we have high hopes that it will become the most successful in London at some point. Personal Matchmaking is a rapidly growing marketplace and we are confident it will remain so in the future – as fewer and fewer professionals are prepared to take the risks associated with online dating. Come and join us!