Our Head of Matchmaking Membership Sarah talks to Global Dating Insights about why Matchmaking offers a more personal Touch than Online Dating Platforms.

“Old school dating is not a bygone tradition. In fact, it is making a comeback. Internet dating is fun, quick and accessible, but just like anything in life, the longevity of the instant things does not have a good track record. On the internet, anybody can take any persona they wish, so there is no assurance about who is who when it comes to online dating.

At our dating agency we have a pre-screening process before we take members under our wing and invite them to join elect club to organise their matchmaking and personal introductions. We look after successful, attractive professionals in and around London. One of our elect club consultants meets each and every applicant and makes an evaluation based upon their interests, hobbies and most importantly the kind of person they are looking to be introduced to, to ensure a good fit into our private members club. Our members are not just limited to a photograph and a personal introduction.

We build a relationship with our members similar to that of a friend, so that they feel comfortable in giving feedback on matches – whether it is good or bad, it is always constructive. Understanding a member’s personality, interests and long term goals for a relationship ensure we match on suitability and compatibility.” READ MORE