Our CEO worked with one of the Daily Mail dating clients a few months ago and she’s still happily dating after some intense coaching to break her ingrained patterns. She hadn’t dated for more than a few weeks in years as she found fault with everyone she met.   Often when we can’t find the right love match, we automatically blame everyone and everything.  We tell ourselves, “there aren’t enough good quality single people,” “no one is committed, they just want a fling,” “no one is attractive or educated enough.”  We’ve heard it all throughout the years, believe me.  But how would you feel if we tell you that the problem is you? It’s not the excuses you keep telling yourself or anyone’s fault but yours.  This may be really hard to hear and you may stop reading now but if you carry on you may just discover what is holding you back.  You see if someone really wants to find love they can and they can find the right love. It isn’t that difficult but you need to have the right mindset and have done the right work on you to be ready to meet someone and recognise they are right for you.  If you aren’t mixing in the right circles or going to the right places then yes it will be difficult for you.  If you don’t know where to start looking for love and find the whole idea overwhelming then again this is to do with you and no one else.  We want you to take responsibility for your love life.
As an example when you are looking for a new job you work on yourself, you meet agencies, brush up your CV, do courses to add new skills and many now turn to a career coach to ensure they get the right job and present themselves well enough.
Meeting a life partner is the biggest job you will ever go for yet what preparation have you done?
Most people write a very poor profile to attract someone online and then use outdated and quite frankly hideous photos to promote themselves.  The fact of the matter is, it’s very hard to sell yourself and know your self-worth. It’s hard, to be honest too.  So if you are coming across as egotistical or a shrinking violet what type of person do you think you will attract?
As a qualified transformational Matchmaker who coaches clients, our CEO gets straight to the point and turns peoples lives around quickly with wonderful results.
One client recently wrote: “Genevieve gave me the confidence to start dating again and also challenged my preconceptions about what I was looking for in a partner. The whole experience felt very safe and I felt very well supported. I would recommend Genevieve and Elect to anyone looking for a professional and grown-up approach to dating”.
Knowing what works well for singles after so many years of matchmaking and coaching, giving advice comes as second nature and ensuring everyone has the right dating tools in their toolbox comes easily to our CEO.
This article gives great advice on deal breakers, spotting fakes and red flags behaviours, setting boundaries and ensuring you are getting involved with someone who is as committed as you are.
Enjoy the article and if you want to invest in your journey to find the right love then we are here to help you, just get in touch and book a complimentary consultation.