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About The Elect Club Concierge Service

Our Premium joining option entitles you to utilise our elite Concierge services, which provides access to the following areas of extra support and expertise:

Personal Service

This our includes coaching with our CEO and Executive Matchmaker. It includes bespoke coaching tailored to your individual needs, we look at past patterns, your dating history and create a positive mindset to attract the right relationship for you. All too often when you do not deal with past issues it can hinder you in attracting the right partner moving forward. Our job is to ensure that you recognise the right person when we introduce them to you and you enjoy your dating journey together.

Styling & Makeovers

Brought to you by our team of professional stylists who have worked not only in the UK also internationally. Our team will give you the confidence to wear what is right for your body shape and personality and help you to look the very best for your dating journey.


Our professional photographer partner Hey Saturdays! Is one of the best known in London and has been helping our clients for a number of years creating images that really reflect their personality to ensure that the right picture is utilised and potential partners see you at your absolute best.

Personal Fitness

Our Personal Trainer, Daniel Wheeler, is a committed professional who is the perfect fit for our professional client base. He is enthusiastic and dedicated to helping our members be the very best they can be in terms of their fitness and personal lifestyle. To once again enable them to make the absolute most of themselves and their ability to attract others.

The Secret Supper Club

The Secret Supper Club has been established over 20 years to bring fine dining, great conversation and a relaxed way of meeting three potential dates in one evening. A truly memorable experience always in a salubrious setting in Central London with members of our matchmaking team and our CEO on hand to make personal introductions of the highest calibre for you.

Elect Club London Matchmaking Service

We're here to save you the time and effort and introduce you to people you wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to meet. 

Give us a call on 0800 644 4120 and let us do all the hard work for you. Or contact us using the button below.