Dating guide

Sorry! The guide is no longer available!We are delighted to announce that our CEO's amazing guide for on-line dating is available to download. The testers who worked through the guide had this to say.J - I have never managed to get past the 3 month mark as I always wanted to rush things and give so much from the very beginning. By using the guide, I took my time and now I am delighted to say that I am in a settled, happy and loving relationship with someone I would never even had considered was right for me before reading the guide.  P - Using the guide made me feel like I had my personal coach in my pocket.  It's so easy to read and follow with some great insights, I have the confidence to get dating again and am looking forward to the experience rather than dreading it.K - I love all the practical tips and it's so easy to follow.  I never thought I would be ready to date again after having had some bad experiences but now I have the confidence to look forward and know that I have a lot to offer too.N - The preparation was so insightful for me and asking the questions in the guide to my friends really helped me know where is was going wrong and got them involved in the process to support me in this journey.D - love, love, love the guide, what a great idea to have everything in a simple to read practical guide. Thank you!You can see that the guide has gone down well so far and we would love you to benefit from it, or even give it as a gift for Christmas or ask for it as a present!  Who says you can't give the gift of love in a little book!