If You Want The Best Join Elect Club

If you live or work in London or the Home Counties and you are currently dating, it can be confusing with all of the dating companies available and the plethora of opportunities to meet a partner. We understand and empathise if you’re unsure of which way to turn.

London seems to be the ‘Capital of Personal Matchmaking”with around 80% of all UK based matchmaking companies centring on London. This when you add in online dating sites and apps such as Tinder, Happn and Bumble, means that London is the place to be when meeting potential partners.

If you’re unsure as to how to proceed maybe you need to ask yourself the question “How serious am I?’ And also ‘What sort of calibre partner do I want to meet?” And if you are truly serious and the other answer is a high calibre partner, then maybe joining Elect Club could be a consideration.

We are part of the Dating Options Group and therefore we have a very large database of potential clients, almost all of them from a professional background and some of them of very high calibre indeed. Being part of Dating Options too, means that every client has been personally interviewed face to face and also that all of your dates have been carefully checked out in terms of residency, current partners, involvement in crime and also financial solvency. Something an app or online site could never hope to achieve.

The Elect Club service is also highly confidential, we take our responsibilities around GDPR extremely seriously and never would your dating profile and very personal details or photographs be on an online site or accessible to others without your permission. Only you and your personal matchmaker will have access to your profile and it would only ever be shared according to your personal preferences and to hand picked potential partners, with whom we feel a future could be possible.

If you are recently out of a marriage or long term relationship and remain unsure if you’re ready to date again, we can also help and advise on that too. Genevieve is a trained dating coach and counsellor. She is always willing to give sensible and impartial advice on your readiness to date – support on this can be arranged as a complimentary part of your membership of Elect. Getting you ‘Date ready’ and confident about taking that next step along the road to meeting someone new.

Elect Club also holds high quality events for singles at prestigious venues around the capital, so members can enjoy the best of both worlds – personal matchmaking through Europe’s best known matchmaker and great quality, fun events too, where you can meet, upmarket, professional singles, mingle and chat, knowing that everyone is a member, available and free.

Want to know more? Well, it all starts with a free, no obligation chat with Julie Lazarus, our Head of Memberships.  We are available everyday on 0800 644 4120, from 9am until 9pm, even at weekends, so do feel free to call and we would be happy to provide, everything you need to know about joining, without any sort of obligation or sales pressure.