First Date Money Etiquette – Who Pays The Bill?

Now that your London matchmaking service has successfully sorted you out with a few dates, it’s time to start thinking about where to go and what to do. However, you might also want to think about a few technical aspects of dating – such as who’s going to pay the bill if you go out for dinner or drinks. Research from AA Credit Cards has just revealed that 89 per cent of men don’t think that they should necessarily pay – a fact that may well surprise a few women out there. What’s more, 91 per cent of women and 77 per cent of men would likely forgo a second date with someone who didn’t pay their way or made other finance-related gaffes. In all, 40 per cent would be annoyed by someone who forgot their wallet, but on the flipside 26 per cent would be put off by anyone who was overly flash with the cash. “First dates can sometimes feel like a job interview and people can be eager to impress - the mystery of who is going to pay is often an awkward situation. Our research also highlighted some of the other peculiar money-related moments that have happened on dates. Many people seemed more concerned with finding a free meal than a new partner,” director of AA Financial Services Michael Johnson said. We have dating coaches on hand here at Elect Club if you feel as though you need a bit of advice on such matters, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.