Financial Turn-Offs For Daters Revealed

Valentine's is but a few days away, so if you haven't got a date sorted yet there's still time to get one through a London matchmaking service. But just be aware that the way you handle your money could actually turn prospective love interests off if you're not careful.Research from Ocean Finance has found that one-fifth of people are actually put off someone who is stingy with their money, while men are irritated if their dates are too flashy.The top six biggest financial turn-offs in a relationship were found to be uncovering secret debts, being too stingy with money, being too flash with the cash, having debts with a former partner, not being able to afford to move out of their parents' home and having a low credit score.Spokesman for the company Ian Williams said: "Discussing attitudes to money and big issues such as any borrowings you have can feel daunting, especially in a fairly new relationship. However, it is just as important to be honest about money as it is about attitudes to marriage and children, otherwise you risk putting the relationship under strain."Remember, however, that if you're looking for perfection in a person, you're unlikely to find it. The older we get, the more baggage we come with - and is it really worth passing up on the chance of eternal happiness and your one true love just because they don't have the perfect credit score? It certainly seems a bit fickle to us, and don't forget that credit scores and finances can always be improved upon. Nothing's set in stone!