Ever Considered a Ny-Lon Relationship?

It’s a growing trend for young professionals who have to travel for work not just to look for love at home at London dating events, but also seek relationships in their work destination. And it seems the best matches for Londoners are our transatlantic lovers in New York.According to the Financial Times, some matchmakers have seen growth of almost 50 per cent in the number of affluent professionals in London looking to be introduced to New Yorkers, either at home or abroad, in the past year and the case is very much the same for those in New York too.But just why do these two cities seem to be so entwined when it comes to seeking a soulmate? Well, undoubtedly it comes down to the fundamentals of what makes for a good partner.While New York may seem a million miles away, the flight times these days are quite short, and for companies that do a lot of business in the US, it’s more than likely London’s city workers will be heading in and out of JFK airport regularly, so long distance is not a problem.Living in a big city might not be the hugest common ground to have, but many young professionals feel more comfortable dating others who know the intensity their high pressure city jobs demand of them and the lifestyle that comes with it.For those with very busy lifestyles, transatlantic dating may just take the pressure off the early stages of a relationship, making couples take it slowly at first, which may just lead to a relationship with a much longer half-life.