Dating Has Become ‘Too Fast-Paced’

When it comes to dating, everyone has their own fears, whether it is meeting someone they don’t know or getting their heart broken again. However, some find the dating world really scary these days because relationships can progress very quickly, with lots of people going on websites and using apps to find the love of their lives within just a few hours. In an interview with the Jamaica Observer, singleton 36-year-old Tamara said: “The dating scene has changed. Everyone is on the fast track. You meet today and then get married tomorrow. I prefer a much slower pace.” Tamara isn’t alone either, which is why our matchmaker London services have become so popular, as they help daters find someone looking for the same thing as them. If you are searching for a serious relationship, we can put you in touch with someone with the same desires as you, while those who are happier to take it slowly will be matched with a person who feels the same. Speaking with the newspaper, Natalie, 27, also admitted lots of people are “players”, who only want to play games. While this may be the case with dating apps, as there is typically no screening process and anyone can join, professional matchmaking and dating services select their members so you do not have to worry about people wasting your time. Indeed, in a Financial Times article it stated that those in their 40s are much more likely to use these sorts of services, while Millennials are more inclined to opt for free apps that allow them to swipe profiles until they find one they like. It concluded that while young daters are saving money, they are getting married later, which implies they are not finding the love of their lives on these devices.