What to do if you have been Scrooged this Christmas

We love talking all things dating and this week our good friends at Love Sport Radio welcomed us back to provide advice on Scrooging, and what to do if you have been Scrooged this Christmas. We also spoke about dating during the festive season.  

Listen in and hear their hilarious banter about dating and what she’d do if she was Scrooged! Winter time isn’t an excuse to hibernate and feel sorry for yourself when you are single. There is plenty of fun to be had and loads of people out there who want to couple up and get cosy. If anything it’s the most magical time to date. What’s better than getting snuggled up by a log fire, romantic walks in cities to see the lights and walks in lovely villages and making the most of the Christmas magic.

Here are some of our ideas of lovely winter dates that we know will get your hearts warmed up:

Find a lovely pub with cosy sofas and log fires and enjoy the getting to know you process. Share a platter of food together as this is sometimes nicer than a full meal.

Go to a cocktail making or wine tasting class together, these are always great fun and you can find them going on in most bigger cities, but don’t drink too much when you are in the early days of dating as it doesn’t give off the right impression. It’s also important to stay safe.

Ice Skating is great but only if you know you can both ice skate well enough then take a twirl on an ice rink as plenty of opportunities to hold hands and get romantic. All towns seem to have an outdoor ice rink.

Cookery classes are becoming a new favourite dating experience to savour together and you get to check out your dates culinary skills and see how messy they really can get in a kitchen. This is a very revealing date on so many levels.

Escape rooms are a new trend that seems to be popping up all over the place but again very revealing but great fun if you can take the pressure of getting lost.

Rooftop venues are making a really lovely effort for the winter months with blankets and heaters as well as spectacular views in many cases.

Pantomimes are great fun and village or local ones tend to have so much humour that you can’t help but laugh and share the experience. Make sure you have time after to go for a drink and re-live your favourite bits together. It all helps you to connect and bond.

Shopping is a fun thing to do for many couples and again is revealing and helps in the getting to know you process. Mooch around the shops together and have a chat about clothes and things you like. Make sure your date is happy to go shopping as some could turn and run at the thought.

The most important thing is to have quality time together doing something that you both like. One idea we love is writing date ideas on separate pieces of paper and putting them in a jar. Pick one out and enjoy it. Happy Dating and if you are stuck for a date, give one of our team a call, with one of the largest databases in the UK, we would be delighted to get you a fabulous date and share your dating journey.