4 Topics To Avoid On A First Date

A first date can be a nerve-racking experience, particularly when there are prolonged lulls in conversation. A crucial dating tip for men and women is to avoid the temptation to ramble on about an inappropriate topic just to fill this awkward silence! Here are some of the most common conversational killers that could torpedo your romantic relationship before it even gets started.

  1. Religion and politics

First dates are meant to be about having fun and finding out whether you have chemistry. Religion and politics are heavy subjects that typically engender strong opinions and emotions, so you may want to only broach them once you've got to know your date a little better.

  1. Exes

Most dates will touch on former partners in some way. Your date may ask when your last relationship was or how long it lasted. However, you should avoid delving into too much detail about past loves, especially if there was an acrimonious split. Any anger or bitterness is likely to be a huge turn-off.

  1. Personal health or financial issues

Many people approach first dates like a job interview; they emphasise their strengths while downplaying their weaknesses. Therefore, talking extensively about any health or financial problems you may be experiencing probably won't win you any attractiveness points with your date.

  1. Nervousness

An attack of the jitters is common among daters, especially if you're particularly keen on someone. But it's important to appear confident and relaxed, as these are often considered attractive traits in a potential partner. Also, nervousness can be contagious, which you may pass on to your date!