How To Date When You Have Kids

The dating world is complicated enough, but if you already have children, you might feel it’s twice as hard to start a new relationship. But if you read our dating tips for men and women on how to date when you’re already a mother or father, you can find a way around it.

- Be honest

It’s important to be honest with your date and tell them you have children from the offset. Being a parent is a great thing, so you shouldn’t feel as though it will hold you back in finding a new relationship. You might even meet someone who has children of their own, in which case at least you will have a similar lifestyle and ideas for the future.

- Look for a family

When searching for a partner, you have to look for someone who will complete your family and be a mother or father figure to your children, as well as a great companion to you. Take time to establish the new dynamic and reassure your kids that the new partner won’t take the place of their mum or dad. Similarly, make sure your date has a place for your little ones as well, and isn’t just interested in you alone.

- Take time to introduce your children

You might go on your first date and really hit it off, but the chances are you’ll have to kiss a few frogs before you meet someone special. However, it’s not a good idea to introduce everyone to your children, as this will only confuse them and give them a sense of instability. Instead, wait to see how serious it gets with your date first, and if you are sure it is going somewhere, let your kids meet them in a venue they’re comfortable in.

- Don’t feel guilty

If this is the first time you’ve dated since separating from the kids’ father or mother, you can feel a sense of remorse about your relationship ending. But try not to feel guilty – it’s also important for your little ones to see you content and with someone who loves you, and a happy parent generally makes for happy children.