Good Vibes Dating

Let Go of Past Hurts

It sounds simple but bringing good vibes to dating makes all the difference. If you've been let down in the past, it can be easy to slide into negative thinking, sending out a hostile energy to new, potential partners.  

As dating experts, we talk to many single men and women who are holding onto past hurt and resentment.  Whilst claiming to want a new relationship, they are experts at sabotaging their own happiness.

Approaching human interactions with a warm and positive attitude changes the outcome of our experiences. Keep an open mind, allowing yourself to see the potential in a date. Just because someone doesn't tick all the boxes, doesn't mean they can't add value to your life and become ever more attractive in their own way.

Even if your date isn't Mr or Miss Right, with the right attitude, chances are you'll have made a lovely, new friendship connection.

Ways to Enjoy Meeting New People

1. Let go of rigid expectations.  Remember that you're meeting a unique individual.  By projecting your own needs and wants onto another person, you are setting them up to fall short.  

2. Don't allow yourself to become anxious about how you're coming across.  Try not to focus too heavily on yourself.  Instead, enjoy finding out more about your date.

3. Remember that lasting love is about shared values.  If someone is a few years older, or a few inches shorter, than your dream partner, don't write them off.

Now more than ever, we're appreciating the value of strong and genuine connections at Elect Club.  We're looking forward to a kinder world with deeper integrity as restrictions begin to ease.  

Happy springtime dating!