Unapologetic & Unconditional Self-Love – Elect Club’s 21 Day Fear Detox

Dating in Lockdown - Why Self-Love is Essential

Dating in lockdown has been just one of the challenges facing single men and women during 2020. 

How do we balance a need to connect with a need to ‘stay safe’? 

How do we find love in a sea of strangers wearing masks?

At Elect Club, we are encouraging our members to remain open to new relationships by practicing self-love.  Now that the days are shorter and the weather bleaker, it’s all too easy for our spirits to sink in these restricted times.  For many, social contact is extremely limited.  This is forcing us to look inside and discover what inner happiness really means.

By following Unapologetic and Unconditional Self-Love - Elect Club's 21 Day Fear Detox,  you can tap into an inner strength and contentment. You’ll find the programme simple and achievable.  We’ll also be featuring regular podcasts to help motivate and inspire you.  2020 isn’t over yet. There’s still time to do something incredible for yourself!

Days 1 to 21

For 21 days you will be shutting out the white noise and being unapologetically good to yourself.  Most of us waste copious amounts of time digesting repetitive, unnecessary information.  As a result, we are starving our minds our real nutrition.  This week, we’d like you to start your transformation gently by committing to the following –

Start the Day with a Reward

Whether it’s a freshly brewed coffee, a warm croissant or an inspiring podcast, start your day with a treat.  Allow this to become a habit over these first seven days.  Before you even think about switching on your laptop, watching the news or scrolling Instagram, allow yourself a moment of bliss.  Feel the joy of waking up and starting the day in a positive, loving way.

Get Moving

Give yourself a minimum of thirty minutes a day of invigorating movement.  Whether it’s dancing in the kitchen; working out with Joe Wicks or strolling around your neighbourhood, get moving!  Again, allow this to become a habit.  Stick to a regular time.  No excuses!  We need all the feel-good endorphins we can get right now and you'll be surprised how easy it is to get them flowing.


Reach out and enjoy a chat and laugh with someone who makes you smile at least three times this week.  Make a point of arranging to hear each other’s voices, either by phone or video chat.  Take doom and gloom off of the table and instigate feel-good, stimulating topics.

Reject Negative Thoughts

A hundred good things could be happening in your life, but it's likely that negative thoughts and self-doubt will still be circling at every opportunity. This week, stop and count backwards from 5 every time a negative thought enters your head.  Then take a breath and think of something that uplifts you - a simple, feel-good thought.  Repeat this every-time a negative thought pattern reoccurs.  Just as a child flourishes when a parent's words are nurturing and loving, your own mind will heal with the right words from YOU.

Record Your Happiness

Each evening, record the moments of the day that you’ve allowed yourself to feel good.  Finish this with the following sentences:

You deserve this.  

I will always take of you.

I love you.  

This may feel a little silly at first but instead of allowing your inner voice to fill your mind with fears, you are now offering yourself unapologetic and unconditional love.

By following Unapologetic & Unconditional Self-Love – Elect Club’s 21 Day Fear Detox, you will begin to improve your relationships with others and be open to forge new ones.  Make sure you tune into our podcasts, here on our website,  to find out how motivational coaches, movie stars and UK singles are turning to the simplicity of self-love to grow and flourish during 2020.