Too Much Choice Makes It Hard To Choose A Date

Lots of people are looking for love anywhere they can these days, with dating apps and websites available in abundance. However, having too much choice can often make it even harder to find the right person for you, which is why using a personal matchmaker in London is a great alternative solution. Here are a few reasons why too much choice isn’t a good thing:

  • You become pickier

Naturally, when you have a larger pool of options, you allow yourself to become more selective, hoping that the one you choose will be the best among the crowd. However, being pickier isn’t necessarily a good thing. Everyone has habits that might take time to get used to, and if you dismiss someone after your first meeting because of one of these, you might miss out on finding a special partner.

  • You base your decision on looks

Most apps and sites allow you to see the person’s photo, which means you automatically start basing your decision on their looks. And if they don’t have a profile picture, people are less likely to click on these eligible men or women. While it is important to find your date attractive, this doesn’t necessarily translate into ‘good looking’ and you should look beyond someone’s appearance.

  • It increases the speed of dating

As you can find another person to date by simply clicking on your phone, the speed of dating has increased rapidly. Instead of wooing a date, seeing where the relationship might go and potentially finding a long-term relationship, people are instead going on several one-off dates and dismissing them quickly to move on to the next. Instead, attending dating events or using a professional matchmaker service gives you a better chance of finding love, as the first look of attraction, flicker of smile and conversation is all far more natural than ‘meeting’ someone online.