Survival Tips for Singles this Valentines Day

Not everyone who is in a Relationship likes Valentine’s Day either! So I have been told by many people, where their “other half” doesn’t believe in celebrating this romantic day but they would like to and therefore it is not made special for them.   Also many people nowadays don’t like all the commercialisation that seems to be associated with this day.  Personally I think that you should show your appreciation for the one you love 365 days of the year and not just on one day, when you feel you have to! Being Single on Valentine’s Day can be really difficult for some singletons, but also for those in relationships too, so here are my top survival tips for singles and those in a relationship for this 14th February.

  • Go out with a group of good friends and have fun somewhere you know there won’t be large numbers of “loved up” couples, bowling is great fun or a nice coffee shop is always a good option
  • Avoid places where “couples” are likely to be and showing outwardly their affection for each other.  i.e restaurants, bars, cinema etc.
  • Play some sport or go to an exercise class
  • Stay in, spoil yourself with your favourite food and do what you want to do, to celebrate “being you!”
  • Pamper yourself, guys as well as girls like a treat now and then, so use this excuse to look after you
  • If you are in a friendship that you want to be more, try to be spontaneous and do something that will make your friend feel special, even though you should be doing this all the time, this could be a good place to start.
  • Invite friends over for a movie or games night, board games like monopoly or trivial pursuit are becoming increasingly popular amongst friends and are great fun too
  • If there is someone you would like to “get to know better” this is the day to pluck up the courage and tell them or send them a card or small gift
  • If you have your eye on someone, don’t overwhelm a “potential partner” as this may put them off, make sure “your offering” will be received in the spirit it is given in and not be some enormous gesture that embarrasses both them and you
  • Book yourself on a singles event, for singles who are looking to meet like-minded singles.

We know, survival tips for singles are great but being single in February for some is a really difficult time of year, just remember to look after yourself and do lovely things for you.  If you really want to change your relationship status then there are a number of things you can do.

  • Make sure you feel confident about yourself and are ready to start dating again.
  • Get yourself in great shape, if you look good you feel good
  • Make sure you look your best, do you need a hair cut?  Do you need to update your wardrobe? Ask friends for advice to ensure you are maximising your real potential
  • Remember the law of attraction, “you attract, what you give off”