New Year New You

New Year’s always brings about an opportunity for change and much needed time for reflection. We rarely take time out to really think about what we want from life and what we have learned. My advice to all of you is to spend a period of time for you to focus on you and what is important to you, as well as the changes you want to bring in to 2017. Think 'New Year New You'.


Why Reflection Is So Important


I spent 24 hours away on my own last week to reflect upon the last year and honestly I probably needed another 2-3 days to complete all that I wanted to do, but couldn’t afford the time away from my family. It did open my heart and mind to what is really important to me and what I fundamentally needed to change and let go of. It is so important to ditch what is no longer useful and holds us back. This is never an easy thing to do and even with the experience I have of coaching hundreds of you each year and constantly being coached and mentored myself, this is a tough thing to do. It was even more important for me to let go of pain from 2016 as having started the year with Cancer, it is one of the biggest wake up calls any of us can get and letting go of the pain and fear it brings is so important. A New Year affords us so many possibilities and being brave, bold and confident enough to take those first steps can always seem daunting even though we know how necessary it is.


With reflection in mind as we go into January 2017, after what can only be described as the most life changing year in our lifetime, 2016 will go down in history for lots of different and unexplainable reasons. I hope you can all find time for you this January to nurture the positives in your life and create a solid foundation for you to find love. So, how to achieve a New Year New You?


3 Gifts From Us To You


We always aim to give people the right tools in January to find the right love and attract the right person in your life. Here are 3 things that we have created that you can take part in or do to change your relationship status, as and when you feel ready to.


  1. Networking and shrugging off the January blues is so important. Come and join me personally and my selected coaches, to a networking evening with a difference. On the 10th January we will be holding a New Year, New You soiree, and this year I have decided to change the format to one of drinks networking with thought provoking discussions rather than a seminar. I want you all to be involved in making your changes and connecting with the people around you who are all looking for the same thing as you. Love. Real, unconditional love, and yes it does exist. In 2016 alone, I personally introduced many couples who are now, engaged, living together and some now married or on track to a lasting and very loving relationship. I would dearly love to add you to my list for 2017. Book online on our events page and join us for New Year New You and use the code EARLYBIRD for a discounted place.
  2. My online dating guide, has gone down a storm with so many successful stories coming from people who have followed the easy step by step guide. It is ideal for those who want to try online dating or an App, but don’t know where to start or for those not able to attract the right person and again are not sure why or what is holding them back. The guide is a practical coaching book that takes you through all the steps you need to create the right profile, choose the best photo and making all important contact with someone online. Online dating doesn’t work for many because they go about it the wrong way. This guide really gives you the best chance of finding love online.
  3. If you are serious about finding “the one” and want the expertise and benefits of a professional Matchmaker, then we work with members until they find true love. With a success rate of 90% in 2016 and 20+ years’ experience under our belts we know what is needed to ensure you find the right person for you.  If you want to find out how and if Matchmaking is right for you and understand how it works, then do get in touch.  We are offering free initial 20 minute telephone consultations in January to see how we can help you. Book you place by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and putting 20 min consultation in the subject box.  It will be our pleasure to see how we can support your journey to love.


Finally, we all wish you a wonderful 2017 and a year filled with love, happiness and above all good health so you can enjoy being in love. 


With much love x.