Lockdown Glamour : How To Prepare For The Return of Face to Face Dating

Lockdown Glamour

How to Prepare for the Return of Face to Face Dating

Master Your Own Lockdown Glamour Routine

Lockdown has left many of us feeling 'au natural'. Visits to beauty and hair salons are no longer an easy luxury. For those of us who hadn't touched our own eyebrows in years, trying to keep them in shape has been a battle. Vibrant hair colours have grown out. Lash extensions have fallen off.  

Several weeks ago, I looked in the mirror and saw the closest thing to my twelve-year-old self that I'd seen in years. To my surprise, I liked the fresh face that looked back at me. As a health and beauty addict, I've used 'mastering the art of lockdown glamour' as an escape from the stress we all now live under. Here are my tips for being date-ready for spring:


It is absolutely true that no matter how much money we throw at topical skin products, if we are not taking care of ourselves within, we are wasting our cash.

Stress is an enemy of great skin.  Dry skin, wrinkles and rashes are ways in which it can manifest itself.  While many of us are spending increased amounts of time at home - finding our work lives merging into our home-lives - it's essential to put time aside time to switch off and relax.  Find a book that transports you to a different care-free world; listen to an online meditation; take a gentle yoga class in your lounge; watch your favourite feel-good movie.  In other words, take yourself on a 'relaxation date', atleast several times a week. 

Sugary foods and alcohol are crutches many of us turn to in times of stress. Unfortunately, they are both absolute nightmares for our skin.  Keep your diet clean and healthy and swap alcohol for water or natural juices, wherever possible.  Ensure your protein intake is adequate for plump, healthy skin.  Experts suggest 70 - 80g of protein a day.  Protein rich foods include meat, seafood and dairy products.


I haven't been brave enough to cut my own hair, but I have used a home dye kit that gave really good results.  I used Nutrisse Creme by Garnier (if it's good enough for Holly Willoughby...).  The process was simple and unmessy and gave a glossy lift to my hair.

I also invested in a styling wand for mermaid-like waves after being inspired by Nicole Kidman in The Undoing.  It was fun to experiment with different styles, despite having absolutely no where to go.  Once lockdown is over, I have a number of new looks to showcase! 

For the moment, diet and lifestyle are our key tools for self- improvement, which is such a great excuse for an overhaul.  Think about how your diet can improve your hair.  Eggs are a great source of both protein and biotin, which are essential for a glossy mane.  Sweet potatoes, avocado and spinach are also wonderful sources of goodness for our locks.


It can be hard to sleep well with so many concerns disturbing our minds.  However, rest is an essential part of our well-being and a super-powered beauty tonic.  Train yourself to look forward to a cosy bedtime routine.  Think about how blissful it feels to lay on fresh sheets with soft lighting as you let go of the day.  Try to avoid phone or laptop use for several hours before bedtime.  Remember that very little will be solved if you allow your mind to find itself on a 'worry-loop'.  Use online meditations or an audio book to help you shut out the real world and drift into something far more relaxing.

Human connections are more important now than ever.  At Elect Club, we want our members to feel like their very best selves as the world slowly re-opens its doors.