How To Be More Attractive To Women In 5 Steps

Sometimes we just don’t know where we go wrong when it comes to dating.  In our quick guide we cover the main areas on how to be more attractive to women in 5 simple steps.  

  1. Personal Hygiene. Personal Hygiene is super important to most Women and it sounds so simple but all too often guys go on first dates straight from work without having had a shower or changing clothes.  This is one of the top complaints we get from the ladies is that the men don’t come on a date smelling fresh.  Remember to wear deodorant and if you can go to have a shower before a date then even better.  At lease change out of work wear, clean your teeth and put on some aftershave.  Trust us the girls really notice it and don’t forget to iron a shirt if you are wearing one.  Dress appropriately for a date too, refrain from wearing your favourite T-Shirt.  Ladies always tend to make an effort so it will look odd if you are dressed inappropriately for the date.
  2. Be Interested. Ask questions about the lady you are out with and be interested in the answers. Don’t question her as if you were interviewing her or if it is a business meeting.  Try to steer clear from talking too much about work. Girls complain about this all the time so it is something you guys need to practice and have good interesting questions that can lead the conversation well.  For example, where has been your favourite destination for a holiday and why or what scares you most?  These are interesting questions and can lead to some relaxed conversation. So, want to know how to be more attractive to women? With a few interesting questions lined up beforehand this really is one of the easiest ways to do it!
  3. Communication is key.  Figuring out how to be more attractive to women isn't always about looking smart and showing good manners. Text, call and message appropriately. Remember to phone and speak as this is so important when making a lady feel secure. If you are trying to win her heart, then communicate everyday with her and keep things light.  One thing that puts nice girls off is naughty photos, especially if you have never met them.  Guys you may think sexting means sending pics but us girls would rather see a nice smile than anything else.  Keep the element of surprise for when you are both ready to take that next step.  Make her feel special with nice words and gestures rather than naughty images.  Most women would be turned off and run a mile or just use you for sex!
  4. Make time for her.  You may have a diary crammed with work and social appointments but you will never win over this lovely lady if you can’t spend time with her and I’m not talking a few hours a week but proper time.  See each other at least 2 -3 times a week to start off with so you get to know her well and understand what she likes and dislikes.  Do nice and different things together. Try to choose dates that please you both, for example go out for brunch so if things go well you can spend the whole day together.  Afternoon Tea is a lovely date too and can be good fun.  Try to do some activity that you will both enjoy for example visit a zoo or a lovely historical place or garden.  The National Trust has places all over the UK that are open all year and it gives you something to talk about.  You can even try a cookery class or salsa classes together.  Find out what ticks both your boxes or even try something neither of you have done before.  There are plenty of things to do to suit all budgets and appetites.
  5. Make her feel secure and special.  Don’t talk about ex’s or other conquests as it makes a girl feel as if she is being compared.  Complement her on things that please you, don’t say things for the sake of it but if she looks good or you love her smile or eyes then tell her in a nice way.  Chivalry goes along way too, so hold open doors and wait for her to sit down before you do, event better hold her chair open or take her coat. Ladies love a man to be a man and be confident and capable and showing her you value her with a bit of chivalry always scores extra brownie points.  Above all relax, be yourself and natural and enjoy getting to know her.

So that's it, Elect Club's top tips on how to be more attractive to women. Have you got any more tips we have missed? Let us know!